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To reduce the rate of unemployment on the continent by grooming young talent to be change agents who would transform their society.
Africa Internship Academy is a self-sustaining social enterprise that prepares students and connects leading African employers with diverse qualified talents.
AIA recruits candidates from across Africa with the intent to cultivate a talent pool of people from culturally diverse backgrounds. This gives our network of organizations and partners access to enhance their diversity recruitment and inclusion strategies.
AIA can be distinguished by its 4 main components:
  • Work Integrated Learning Module: All our interns go through a world-class training program for a month, where we prepare them with technical skills as well as soft skills to excel in both corporate and entrepreneurial environment. AIA stands to bridge the gap between academia and industry by training the interns and giving them the chance to gain work experience within the same facility.
  • Social Business Design Lab: In order to foster innovation and entrepreneurship, the lab was created to birth ideas and build upon them for implementation. Interns are given the chance to utilize the lab for development of their business concepts and enhancement of their ideas.
  • Mentorship: Who offers quality career guidance and life experience? Our youth need caring adults to guide them through their struggles with growing up while learning to make responsible choices. At AIA, mentorship is key because it is crucial to the growth of an individual. Hence, all our interns are assigned mentors who serve as role models for nurturing and guidance.
  • Achieving SDGs: AIA contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Africa. It directly supports SDG8 on inclusive growth, productive employment and decent work for all; SDG4 on equitable education and skills development; SDG1 on ending poverty and SDG16 on Peace, Justice and Strong Institution (because limited economic opportunity can fuel conflict and instability).
Interns have the opportunity to overcome employment barriers and jump-start their careers, while employers ensure their workforce progression now, and for years to come.

About AIA

The Africa Internship Academy (AIA) specializes in connecting Africa’s young talent through Internships and Mentorship.