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Africa Internship Academy is always looking for ways to increase access to our programs so that talented individuals will be able to access our programs regardless of their financial status.

Africa Internship Academy is expertly familiar with the variety of ways you can receive funding to assist with the cost of completing an internship program. This expertise has been acquired through experiences learnt in organising events for the People Initiative Foundation.

While the majority of our students do fund their program either through their own savings or family contributions, we do appreciate that applicants may need the external support.

Here are our key recommendations for those wishing to discover different funding opportunities they can access for their internship program:

  • Government/donor Assistance
  • University Assistance
  • Scholarship Programs
All graduates from Ghana can access the Government of Ghana Skills development fund under the Youth Employment Agency. For much information visit

Donor Institutions Assistance
To access these funding request the applications from
Most universities in Africa are able to provide financial support and assistance to their students who wish to undertake an internship at Africa Internship Academy.
Universities will often be able to provide some, if not all of the following in terms of monetary assistance and support. This assistance is developed through the partnerships we develop directly with universities across Africa. If you would like to learn whether Africa Internship Academy has a partnership with your university please either contact your careers department or contact Africa Internship Programs directly.
The AIA has an annual 100% Scholarship (on tuition fees) sponsored by the People Initiative Foundation. This scholarship is available to applicants from all backgrounds. The aim of this scholarship is to make AIA available to more candidates who otherwise are limited by finances.
Scholarship recipients shall be Africans and will be chosen primarily based on their academic merit along with a demonstrable commitment to furthering their personal development.
In addition to our flagship Scholarship Program we are working tirelessly to also partner with a number of organizations to fund scholarships. The aim is to make the programs at AIA available to those who are not economically able to take advantage of such an opportunity to be groomed at AIA.