Our program fees are subsidized. This subsidized fee covers a comprehensive program which provides:

  • high quality lessons from qualified facilitators
  • social events and activities
  • Business networking seminars and other key services.

Africa Internship Academy has a number of different funding opportunities available for our programs through governmental/donor organisations, university associations and a range of scholarship programs.

For more information about how to apply for any of the funding opportunities, kindly apply through here or contact info@africainternshipacademy.com

What's Included

Africa Internship Academy provides a full package of support, activities and access to networks from the moment you join the program.

Our comprehensive programs provide interns with the opportunity to experience all the benefits an internship in either in Accra, Abuja, Kigali, Abidjan or Cape Town can offer their career, in the context of a safe, secure and enjoyable program. Here are what every intern seeks to benefit when you enrol in our program;

  • Work Integrated Learning: We put all our interns through a world-class training program for a month, where we prepare students with both technical skills as well as soft skills to excel in both corporate and entrepreneurial environment.
  • Mentorship: We introduce our candidates to the principles and strategies of self-employment. We groom them to sharpen their potentials for their careers and life.
  • Corporate Access: We search through our extensive network of host companies to find a custom internship, which aligns to our fellows’ preferences and career aspiration after the one month work integrated learning at the office. Africa Internship Academy partners with the top companies in Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Cote D'Ivoire and South Africa who look to hire the best talent in the country, and works with them to provide internships to these top students.
  • Network of African’s change agents: All graduates of the internship programme will become a part of a global network of AIA alumni. All graduates from our internship program are called AIA Fellows. The Fellows can access their profiles and CV on the Africa Internship Academy website, access to lifetime Platinum Card which entitles them FREE participation of events and programs organize by both TEDxAccra and African Initiatives Summits both in Ghana and abroad.
    In order to keep in touch with fellow interns and to profit from a wealth of shared knowledge and contacts, Africa Internship Academy runs an exclusive Alumni Network. Developing strong business relationships takes time and work. Completing an internship with Africa Internship Academy kick starts this process and helps you to access a network of like-minded people who will become a personal and professional network for years to come.
  • Visa, Accommodation & Support: We offer accommodation for those outside the city (Accra) in clean and modern serviced apartments located in the heart of the city. Our staff also provides assistance and support regarding visa applications, booking flights and in making other travel arrangements. Africa Internship Academy also supports you throughout your program on a 24/7 basis with qualified on-the-ground staff who are always available to provide advice and assistance.

The following table outlines our program cost or program fee for our current programs, excluding flights, accommodation and travel insurance.

We take payment through a select number of approved methods, which include via secure online merchant PayPal, and over the phone via debit/credit card by calling your local Regional Office directly.