Executive Management Practices for Petroleum Resources Development

Course Description

The program focuses the highly successful approaches that effective & efficient managers practice in initiating, managing and developing new business opportunities within Oil & Gas and Industrial Sector; How executives at all levels perform actively to manage Oil & Gas business development and take up the challenges associated to markets; locally/regionally/internationally. How do the highly efficient managers act for communication as a reporting hub between Global Business Development, Bid Team and operational leaders of Oil & Energy business to ensure appropriate information-sharing and alignment between these inter-related functions in new business pursuits.

Target audience

Resource development managers, business executives, and representatives.

Duration: 16 hours [4 days]

[Day 1]

  • Introduction to the oil and gas sector
  • New business development
  • Securing new ventures
  • Growing the existing client accounts and relationships
  • Identifying new business opportunities
  • Meeting goals and achieving success.
  • Case study
  • Group discussion
  • Working tactfully through client issues and questions.
  • Negotiation skills

[Day 2]

  • Developing a regional market
  • Commercial Action Plans
  • New Business: Bids
  • New Businesses: Negotiations
  • Relationship with current and prospective customers
  • Building of customer loyalty
  • Case study
  • Group discussion
  • Relationship with group entities

[Day 3]

  • Consulting with clients within the Mining, Oil & Gas sector
  • Following Fundamentals of Project Management methodology
  • Leading and diverting in high density work environment
  • Working with a global team
  • Case study
  • Group discussion
  • Combining commercial considerations and client-focus

[Day 4]

  • Comprehensive knowledge in sales and marketing approaches in logistics and 3PL/4PL environment
  • Managing larger tendering processes with efficiency
  • Case study
  • Group discussion Supply chain and Logistics products and services
  • Contractual deliverables
  • Leadership and quality skills
  • Review
  • Conclusion