Knowledge Management For Enhanced Project Performance

Important Benefits of attending this Seminar

Increasingly, the importance of social aspects of knowledge retention and transfer has been emphasized in the literature on managing knowledge, with the recognition that knowledge is often tacit and situated and embedded within particular social groups and situations. This has considerable relevance for understanding attempts to manage knowledge in settings where activity and learning are project-based. Knowledge management in such a context faces many challenges, due to the one-off nature of project work and the many resulting discontinuities in methods of organization and flows of personnel, materials and information. One important consequence is that social processes potentially play an important part in the diffusion and transfer of knowledge and learning.

We have specially designed this Practical Workshop to help you examine the significance of social factors in enhancing knowledge management capabilities in a project or Programme environment, drawing upon case study research from the developmental projects and industries and to provide the main solutions that processes of knowledge capture, transfer and learning in project settings rely very heavily upon social patterns, practices and processes in ways which emphasize the value and importance of adopting a community-based approach to managing knowledge for enhanced project performance.

Why you should attend this Practical Workshop

Through a mix of practical activities, theory and examples of effective practice:-

  • Understand the importance of knowledge Management in Project Management scenario
  • know how Knowledge Management practices helping for the project delivery
  • Understand the people mind-set about Knowledge Management System
  • Understand what are the Knowledge Management practices playing effective role in Project delivery
  • Learn how Knowledge Management is supporting to increase the Quality of projects
  • Evaluate the existing Knowledge Management System
  • How Knowledge management supporting to the Innovation in an organization
  • Be able to integrate your KM strategy and policy with that of your organisation
  • Execute the crucial KM implementation steps and stages for project enhancement
  • Be able to create a KM implementation roadmap and formulate a communication plan in order to mobilize the support and participation of stakeholders
  • Be able to measure the effectiveness of your KM and innovation programme
  • Facilitate implementation in the context of change management and project management principles

Who Should Attend

From International Organizations such as UN Agencies, Government institutions, Major Corporations, Universities, Colleges, Trade Unions, Political Parties, Law Organizations and NGOs etc;

  • KM Managers and Champions
  • KM practitioners
  • Project Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Departmental Managers
  • Training Managers
  • Departmental Heads
  • Supervisors
  • Anyone involved in developmental projects for sustainability
  • Anyone interested in a new comprehensive approach and strategy for accomplishing successful organizational and project transformation for great results